Staging (Owner Occupied)
with Accessories

This service is a hands on service I provide for the house that requires special attention in order to put it in top condition for selling to become a true “Show Home”.  This service is offered to clients living in their home while listed on the market, along with a rented customized accessories package that will further enhance your house and will more than reward you with a SOLD sign on your front lawn!

Accessories may also include art pieces, rugs, lamps and small furniture items.

Staging Complete
with Accessories and Furniture Rentals

This service is recommended to clients that are putting their house on the market but are no longer living in the home. This package will include a cost estimate for rental furniture, accessories* and the staging hours it will take to showcase the house. This service allows the buyer to see the potential of the space, making it warm and inviting to buyers.

Accessories available for purchase may include window coverings and light fixtures.

Open House – Showtime!

I will come in just prior to a showing to make the stage is set! I will do a final check to make sure everything is in its place, lights on, music softly playing, rooms smell fresh & pillows are plumped. I will accommodate any requests you may have such as providing fresh flowers, and or coffee and biscuits.