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Red Door Designs by Shivana

I offer a variety of different Staging services and a few add on options to assist my clients in preparing their houses for sale.

Whether the market is “hot” or “slow” I feel that all houses for sale can benefit from our wide range of services. I am able to tailor your needs and budget while keeping the focus on making your home a showcase.

Accessories may also include art pieces, rugs, lamps and small furniture items.

Initial Consultation

I will meet with you to discuss your expectations and budget, will I educate you on our different options that would best suit the needs of your house. I would do a “walk through” using the “eyes” of a buyer and gather information to discuss “first impressions”. I will then prepare a Home Evaluation Repot based upon the amount of work needed in order to get your showcase house ready for market. This comprehensive detailed written report outlining a Recommended “TO DO LIST” that will help guide the home owner in completing and preparing the house for sale.

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